Teaching & Learning

“A school where students are encouraged to go above and beyond”

Our aim is that all pupils should fulfill their potential and leave the School with a love of learning. Our staff are highly qualified specialists in their subjects and their own academic aspirations in turn encourage pupils to develop their creative, intellectual and physical skills.

The teaching environment provides both challenge and enjoyment. It is designed to support individual talents and ambitions and helps pupils to grow in their understanding of the world.

We teach our pupils the value of constructive questioning and analysis and give them the tools with which to interrogate the world and to form their own ideas and opinions, as well as appreciating and respecting those of others.

  • Good teaching & learning develops:
  • Creative thought
  • Critical thinking and enquiry
  • Problem-solving
  • Research skills
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • An ability to challenge preconceptions and to think outside the box

A highly qualified and professional Learning Support Department ensures appropriate provision for those with Special Educational Needs, or Disability or EAL who require support to help them meet their academic potential while at PCS.