Green Schools

Green Schools is Irelands leading environmental management and award programme, working with secondary schools across the country.

Green Schools is a student-led programme, where students promote long-term and whole-school action for their environment, with involvement of the wider community. The programme is operated and co-ordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of “An Taisce” and supported by Clare and Tipperary County Council.

Portumna Community School were awarded their first Green Flag for “Litter and Waste” in 2023 and are working towards renewing this green flag and achieving others in the future. This student led committee are developing a deep commitment to our planet and are setting the stage for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Benefits of Green Schools in Portumna Community School

  1. Sustainable Infrastructure: Green schools prioritize eco-friendly infrastructure from the ground up. They incorporate energy-efficient designs, use renewable materials, and install efficient lighting and HVAC systems. By doing so, they reduce energy consumption and minimize their carbon footprint.
  2. Environmental Education: Beyond physical infrastructure, green schools emphasize environmental education. Students learn about ecology, conservation, and sustainability, gaining a profound understanding of their role in protecting the planet. This knowledge equips them to be responsible global citizens.
  3. Healthy Indoor Environment: Green schools prioritize the health and well-being of students and staff. They maintain high indoor air quality, use non-toxic building materials, and ensure proper ventilation. This leads to improved concentration and overall well-being among students.
  4. Green Initiatives Beyond the Classroom: Green schools extend their eco-friendly practices beyond the classroom. They may have sustainable gardens, renewable energy installations, and wildlife habitats on their campuses. These initiatives serve as real-world examples of environmental stewardship.
  5. Community Engagement: Green schools actively engage with their local communities. They often organize events, workshops, and outreach programs to spread awareness about environmental issues. This fosters a sense of community and collective responsibility.

How Spongy is Your School Project

Currently here in Portumna Community we are participating in the ‘How Spongy is your school’ project. We have six students who are trained as water ambassadors. We are in year one of two to achieve the water flag.

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