Parents’ Community


Welcome to the Portumna Community School Parents’ Community! Our school website is your gateway to a thriving network of parents who are actively engaged in their child’s education. Here, you will discover a treasure trove of resources designed to foster collaboration, share insights and create lasting connections among parents, teachers, and students. Stay connected on school news, access event calendars and participate in discussions on our forums. Whether you’re seeking study tips or extracurricular information, our parent’s community is here to support you. Join us in shaping an enriching educational journey for our students while building strong bonds within the Portumna Community School family.

Parent’s Association

The Parents’ Association is an active support to the school and a sign of the partnership between school and parents / guardians which is the foundation of educational progress.

Chairperson: Mr. Micheál Ó Méalóid
Secretary: Ms. Suzanne McMahon
Treasurer: Mr. Paul Finnegan

Parents Association Roles and Responsibilities

  • We aim to provide a voice for parents and would love to hear from you on the following:
  • Ideas or information to promote and foster good relations and cooperation between home and school.
  • Ideas or information to promote the educational welfare and physical interests of the pupils.
  • Ideas for, or help with fundraising
  • Ideas or information pertaining to being a conduit between parents and the school management.
  • Ideas or information pertaining to the roles, rights and responsibilities of parents regarding the school.

However, the Parents Association is a voluntary organisation with a limited role, and it is not a forum for individual complaints against teachers or parents. The Parent’s Association does not have any authority or responsibility regarding the internal operation of the school or its decisions – these are matters for the Board of Management.

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