Additional Educational Supports

“In Portumna Community School we value each and every one of our pupils as unique individuals, whilst our staff strive to promote a holistic and inclusive education for all.”

Within our Additional Educational Needs Department, we have a dedicated and specialised team that work together for the educational benefit of our students. These include our A.S.D. Department, Resource Team, Learning and Curriculum Support, Special Needs Assistants and our A.E.N. Coordinator.

We work together with the involvement of outside agencies such as:

  • National Educational Psychological Services (N.E.P.S.)
  • The Special Educational Needs Officer (S.E.N.O.)
  • Special Educational Support Services (S.E.S.S.)

We can offer individual and small group tuition, learning and curriculum support, team teaching, diagnostic assessment and concessions for State Examinations.

We recognise that the move from primary to post primary involves many challenges and changes such as new surroundings, different routines, new staff and subjects. We have a formal transition plan for students:

  • All local Primary Schools are contacted in October of the previous year to furnish us with any reports or special needs that their students may have.
  • We liaise with parents and local Primary Schools during the enrolment process to obtain reports.
  • These reports are used to compile an AEN register for all teachers and in the creation of a Student Support File.
  • All students who access Curriculum Support in Portumna Community School have a Student Support File, outlining their needs and learning targets.

Autism Class

The Portumna Autism Class ‘An Cuan’ was estabhlished in September 2021. We currently have one class with six students enrolled.

The development of An Cuan is based on the philosophy of education inclusion. In line with our Characteristic Spirit we aim for each student to feel included as values and respected members of our school community, while having their own unique needs met by our dedicated ASD Team.

Students enrolled in An Cuan are taught in small groups or on a 1-1 basis, following the mainstream curriculum or the Level 2 Learning Programme, if they qualify for this programme. Our students are also supported and encouraged to be part of mainstream classes as much as possible.

Each student enrolled with us in An Cuan has access to our Sensory Room, Break Cards from class and SNA support as required.

The An Cuan staff review reports, meet with parents and other dedicated professionals to compile a Student Support File, Personal Pupil Plans, term plans, and ensuring all needs are met.

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