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“Stay Connected – Explore Our Latest News and Events”

Welcome to the News and Events section of Portumna Community! Here, you’ll find a dynamic hub of information that keeps you connected to the heartbeat of our vibrant school community. Stay connected through our school App, school website, twitter and our local newspaper.

Stay Informed

Discover the latest updates on academic achievements, student accomplishments, faculty highlights, and much more. Our news articles provide insight into the diverse activities and achievements that make PCS a truly exceptional institution.

Engaging Events

From workshops and seminars to cultural celebrations and sports competitions, our events calendar is a gateway to exciting happenings on campus. Join us in celebrating the talents and achievements of our students and staff as we come together to learn, grow, and have fun.

Community Connection

Our News and Events section isn’t just about sharing information – it’s a platform that strengthens our sense of community. Connect with us through stories of success, inspiring achievements, and memorable moments that reflect the spirit of PCS.

Get Involved

Stay engaged by participating in upcoming events, workshops, and activities. Join us in celebrating our collective achievements, supporting our students, and fostering a sense of togetherness that defines our school experience.

Explore the News and Events section to discover the richness and vibrancy of life at PCS. Whether you’re a current student, a proud parent, a past student, or simply interested in our school’s journey, this is your portal to stay connected.