Principal’s Welcome

Dear Student, Parents(s) and Guardians(s)

Portumna Community School (PCS) has a proud and distinguished tradition of academic excellence in several educational programmes, while also supporting student experience through a range of extracurricular activities.

PCS is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education to all, where the potential and uniqueness of each student is fostered and celebrated. We encourage all our students to achieve as much as their natural ability makes possible, both in their studies and personal development. A key message for all students is the pursuit of; ‘achieving their personal best’ while contributing to the school ethos and characteristic spirit through mutual respect, integrity, development of positive relationships, collaboration and authentic communication with each other.

As part of a wider local community, PCS students are encouraged to mature not only as individuals but also as members of a strong school community; embracing citizenship and taking their place among a vibrant and often challenging society.

As a school we encourage personal responsibility and self-directed learning, while also promoting collaboration through collegiality and engagement. Through school support structures, excellence in teaching & learning and by insisting on ‘personal best’ we aim to support students to improve incrementally, to aim high and to arrive at a point where they can pursue their chosen path to a fulfilling career.

As members of an inclusive school community with students, parents, BOM and Trustees; the staff of PCS deliver excellence in learning and teaching while promoting 21st century skills by both challenging and encouraging our students.

Finally, despite recent uncertainty and disruption to school life, PCS will continue to maintain and expect high standards nurtured in a positive learning environment. We will continue to serve the needs of the local community and beyond, facing the challenges ahead with a collective and collaborative spirit.

Mr. Shane McClearn