Our Programme

“Explore Passions Beyond the Classroom!”

Welcome to the Co-Curricular Activities hub of PCS, where students can unlock a world of exciting opportunities, ignite new passions, and enrich their educational journey through a diverse array of activities.

Discover Your Passion

At PCS, we believe that education extends beyond textbooks. Our co-curricular activities provide a platform for students to explore a wide range of interests, from arts and sports to leadership and community service.

Holistic Development

Engaging in co-curricular activities helps students develop important life skills such as teamwork, time management, leadership, and communication. These activities foster well-rounded individuals who are prepared for success in all areas of life.

Endless Possibilities

From music, drama, and visual arts to sports, debate, and science clubs, our co-curricular offerings cater to every interest. Students can immerse themselves in their passions, collaborate with peers, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

Personalised Pathways

Our co-curricular programs are designed to accommodate diverse talents and schedules. Whether students are looking to excel in a particular discipline, explore a new interest, or simply have fun, there’s an activity for everyone.

Positive Impact

Participating in co-curricular activities creates lasting memories and friendships, enhances self-confidence, and fosters a sense of pride in one’s achievements. It’s an integral part of the PCS experience.

Getting Involved

Discover the wide array of co-curricular options available at PCS. Whether it’s refining skills, expanding horizons, or contributing to the community, students can take the next step towards embracing their passions.

Join us in celebrating the diversity of talent, interests, and creativity within our school community. Explore our Co-Curricular Activities section to see how students can shape their educational journey beyond the classroom.

Co-Curricular Activities (list may vary)

  • Sport

    Basketball (Girls & Boys)
    Equestrian Club
    Rugby (Girls & Boys)

  • Arts

    Traditional Music Group
    Chamber Choir
    Classical Strings Group
    School Musical
    Drama Workshops
    Creative Art Workshops
    Creative Schools Programme
    Junk Kouture

  • Society

    Community Volunteerism Initiatives
    European Studies
    European Parliament Ambassador School Programme
    Green Schools
    John Paul II Awards
    World Wise Global Schools Initiative

  • Science

    BT Young Scientist
    Maths Clinic
    Maths Olimpiad
    Robotics Competition

  • School Life

    Student Council
    School Tours & Student Bonding Trips
    Club Gaeilge
    Supervised Evening Study
    Subject Weeks
    Jump A Grade
    Homework Club
    Work Experience ( TY, LCA, LCVP)