Books & Fees

  • General Costs

    The costs for the academic year include:

    • Book rental fee applicable to each year (see tab below)
    • Resource fund €50
    • Locker rental €30
    • School journal €7
    • CAT4 and NGRT €10
    • Insurance €8 (see tab below)
  • Payments

    All payments can be made on the shop section of the school app and all fees will be updated on our School App.

    For more information click here.

  • Book Rental 2023/2024

    Books are available to rent in the school through the Book Rental Scheme. The school operates a book rental scheme which makes it easier to access school books. All parents / guardians are encouraged to participate in this scheme. If parents wish to purchase books independently they may do so, book lists and applicable fee’s for each year are available below. The Book Rental Scheme operates on a flat rate basis which averages out the cost over the five/six years of a student’s time in school.

    From the academic year 2021-2022, 5th year Leaving Certificate students will pay €150 and LCA 5 students will pay €20. This payment will cover the book rental costs for both 5th and 6th year.

    There is a €50 deposit payable for each student when they join the scheme in 5th year. This deposit will be used to replace lost and damaged textbooks if necessary. It will carry forward from year to year. If part of the deposit has to be used to replace a lost/ damaged textbook, the deposit must be restored to the full €50 prior to the next year. The deposit will be refunded when the student leaves Portumna Community School.

    • Maximum family charge for Book Rental Scheme is €275 per school year.
    • Parents may apply for the book Grant Assistance Scheme for school books directly to Portumna Community School – application form and details available below.
    • Parents have the option to pay by instalment, please contact the school office for details via
  • Insurance

    The school encourages all students to take part in the ‘Dunne Ltd. Insurance Scheme’ which enables parents/guardians to recoup medical expenses which they would not otherwise be able to do. Insurance Forms and policy details accompany this handbook and are also available from the school website in the parent’s section. The cost of insurance is €8 for 24-hour cover.

  • Resource Fund

    The Resource Fund is used to subsidise student activity costs in the school and also helps pay for the printing and copying services for students. Every student benefits from this and every family should contribute through the online payment system. The €40 resource fund compares very favourably with other schools and we encourage all parents/guardians to contribute. The cost of trips to events varies depending on the distance to travel generally €8-€12-€20, and prices will also vary for buses/numbers attending events. All of these can be paid online.

  • Lockers

    Students are given lockers to store their books. They are located in the extension area. A rental fee of €30 is charged for the locker and lock. Students are not permitted to go to lockers between classes. This will mean that they prepare for each group of three classes before school, break time and lunch time. Valuables or large sums of money should not be brought into school. In addition, bag racks are placed around the school for the temporary storage of bags during the day.

  • Homework Club

    Homework Club takes place one evening each week from the beginning of October until the end of the school year. It is an opportunity for 1st year students to receive help from staff members with their homework, to socialise with their peers and adapt to second level education. Homework Club is provided on a voluntary basis by staff members and senior cycle students.

  • Additional Costs

    Additional costs may arise during the school year depending on  subject choice and extra curricular activities. All costs are subject to change from year to year as approved by the BOM. To find out more information about our school costs please contact Mary on