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General Information


The costs for the academic year include:

  • Book rental fee applicable to each year available from Book Rental Scheme section
  • Resource fund €50
  • Locker rental €30
  • School journal €7
  • CAT4 and NGRT €10
  • Insurance €8 (see below)


The school encourages all students to take part in the ‘Dunne Ltd. Insurance Scheme’ which enables parents/guardians to recoup medical expenses which they would not otherwise be able to do. Insurance Forms and policy details accompany this handbook and are also available from the school website in the parent’s section. The cost of insurance is €8 for 24hr cover.

Resource Fund

The Resource Fund is used to subsidise student activity costs in the school and also helps pay for the printing and copying services for students. Every student benefits from this and every family should contribute through the online payment system. The €40 resource fund compares very favourably with other schools and we encourage all parents/guardians to contribute. The cost of trips to events varies depending on the distance to travel generally €8-€12-€20, and prices will also vary for buses/numbers attending events. All of these can be paid online.


Students are given lockers to store their books. They are located in the extension area. A rental fee of €30 is charged for the locker and lock. Students are not permitted to go to lockers between classes. This will mean that they prepare for each group of three classes before school, break time and lunch time. Valuables or large sums of money should not be brought into school. In addition, bag racks are placed around the school for the temporary storage of bags during the day.

Homework Club

Homework Club takes place one evening each week from the beginning of October until the end of the school year. It is an opportunity for 1st year students to receive help from staff members with their homework, to socialise with their peers and adapt to second level education. Homework Club is provided on a voluntary basis by staff members and senior cycle students.